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Group Travel

Whether traveling with family, work or your organization group travel is a great way to connect, explore and have a great time doing it. Easters Travel has specialized in group travel for over 20 years. We have worked with organizations, families and businesses large and small. Our largest trip had over 200 people and our smallest had 5. Allow us to do the work for your group and you sit back share the word and enjoy the trip ( and possibly get a free trip is enough people sign up) 


Let us handle the details

As the group organizer you let us know the where and when and we handle the rest. Easters will shop around to find the best deal for your group.


Working with Easters comes with a custom website with all the details to make it easy for you to share the information to those interested. All you will have to do is share the link with your family, friends, co-workers or network. People will be able to sign up digitally. 

Your trip can be as customized as you would like, with a planned out itinerary or left wide open for a more go with the flow trip. 


How it works? 

  1. Fill out our information form. This form will ask  the type of vacation you are looking for. A cruise, international, all inclusive, domestic? The locations you are interested in, and if you looking for specific dates or have flexibility?

  2. We will provide some options for you to select from. 

  3. After you make a selection, we will create a custom website with all the details. This site will have all the information your guests will need. A direct way for them to book as well as frequently asked questions about trips and/or the location. 

  4. Once the website is live, you share the link with those you want to travel with.

  5. We will get everyone booked, follow up with emails throughout and be available for questions, concerns and issues along the way.   

Want to keep it simple?

We have pre-selected trips that you can add your group into. The dates and pricing are already selected. You would just let us know which one of these prearranged trips you want to be included in. 

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